Hearing Loss Help

We understand that if you are suffering from hearing loss, it can be an extremely difficult change to your everyday life. It doesn’t have to be, though. There are lots of ways that we can help.

There are many common causes of hearing loss and our audiologists are experts at determining these. Whether your hearing loss has been abrupt and unforeseen or developed slowly over time, there are ways that we can help treat and manage it.

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Am I experiencing hearing loss?

To begin, it’s important to remember that hearing loss is a common occurrence. Almost everyone experiences hearing difficulty at some stage of their life.

Hearing loss can emerge in a large number of ways. If your hearing loss is abrupt and unforeseen, then this may be as a result of an earwax build-up, a perforation of the eardrum, or something similarly related. It is extremely important to seek help from one of our audiologists right away if you experience sudden hearing loss.

If your hearing loss is gradual, it is often likely that this is due to ageing. There are many common signs of this including having the TV or radio at a high volume, struggling to have a conversation on the phone, or experiencing difficulties hearing people in regular conversation.

How can I make my hearing better?

Although hearing loss can be disheartening, there are lots of ways that it can be improved. Which method you take to improve your hearing is dependent on the extent and cause of your hearing loss. If you’re experiencing a slow and gradual loss of hearing, then hearing aids could significantly improve your situation. Usually, a gradual loss of hearing is linked to old age, consistent and unprotected exposure to loud noise, or a health condition.

We tailor our hearing aids to meet your specific needs and regularly monitor them to ensure that they are helping you in the best possible way. To find out more about the hearing aid packages that we offer, visit our hearing aids page or get in touch.

If your hearing loss is more sudden, it may be due to a build-up of earwax, tinnitus, or something similar. If this is the case, we offer many treatment options for you. Visit our earwax removal page or tinnitus information for more guidance.


Can hearing loss be prevented?

Yes, there are lots of ways that you can prevent hearing loss. One way is to ensure that you wear ear protection, such as reusable earplugs or musicians’ earplugs, at loud events. Some examples of where these might come in handy are at clubs, concerts, or during cinema visits.

You should also keep the volume low when listening to music on your personal music device. Often, devices have warnings to prevent you from turning it up too loud, it’s important to pay attention to these!

Permanent hearing loss can arise through persistently failing to protect your ears in loud situations. It’s important to always use ear protection.

Can hearing loss be temporary?

If your hearing loss is caused by a temporary illness or an earwax build-up, then yes, it will most likely be temporary! Once the problem has been resolved, it is highly likely that your hearing will be absolutely fine. However, age-related hearing loss and tinnitus are, at this time, incurable.

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