Hearing Aids

1 in 6 adults in the UK are affected by some form of hearing loss. Hearing loss can affect your confidence and how you lead your day-to-day life. When it becomes a problem, it’s time to speak to an audiologist. Hearing aids could help you rediscover great hearing and improve your quality of life.

All of our audiologists care about your hearing and are experts at helping you find the hearing aids that will make the biggest difference. Once you have had your first consultation, you will be given a free, 14-day trial to test your new hearing aids and ensure everything works well. When you are happy, we will finalise your fittings and include a 60-day money-back trial with your new hearing aids.

As an added bonus, all of our hearing aids come with a free 2- or 4-year guarantee, so you will have peace of mind that if anything happens in that time, you are covered!

Worried about hearing loss? Hearing aids could help you! Try our online hearing test today and find out whether your hearing needs a closer look.

Hearing aids chosen to suit you

Hearing loss effects every sufferer differently. Whatever your level of hearing loss, worries that you have, or age that you are, we’re here to help.

Once you get in touch, we will begin by taking you through a full hearing consultation. To start, we will conduct a hearing test and ear health check. This allows us to find out the level of your hearing loss. During this step, we will also discuss specific situations where you have trouble hearing. All of this enables us to pinpoint a hearing aid that will suit you. Once you’ve decided on the hearing aid you’d like to try, you will receive a 60-day money-back trial.

We know that the style and look of the hearing aid may be important to you too. Our range of hearing aids come from 8 different manufacturers, so it is far easier to tailor the look of your hearing aid to your tastes. We also offer a variety of invisible, custom hearing aids that let you keep your device totally hidden!

Hearing loss shouldn’t stop you from living your life.

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Do I need a hearing aid?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer this question until you have had a proper hearing check, which will happen during your first consultation. To get an initial indication, try taking our online hearing test. If you are at all concerned about your hearing, book a consultation with one of our audiologists. They can carry out a full hearing test and then provide hearing aid recommendations, if required.

How can I prevent further hearing loss?

Preventing hearing loss is something that you always need to keep in mind. When you go to a loud event, like a concert, the cinema, or a night club, try wearing protective earplugs.

Whenever you’re listening to music on your phone or other music device, remember to keep the volume low and follow any warnings that the device puts out regarding volume.

Over a long period of time, being in loud situations, unprotected, can cause permanent hearing loss. Always use ear protection.

Hearing aid brands that we offer:

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