Online Hearing Test

If you’re worried about your hearing or are curious about whether you’re experiencing hearing loss, then our online hearing test will help. The test only takes a few minutes, you’ll just need a pair of good earphones. Although this test gives you a good indication of whether you would benefit from a consultation with one of our audiologists, please remember that it is not designed to replace a professional hearing test.

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What should I do if I’m suffering from hearing loss?

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, it’s important to book a consultation with one of our expert audiologists. In your first consultation, they will conduct a full, clinical hearing evaluation to assess the extent of your hearing loss. If hearing loss is detected, our audiologists will determine a cause and a treatment plan to help get you on the road to better hearing.

We understand that taking the first step and seeking help for your hearing loss can be difficult. However, our expert audiologists are here to help you rediscover your hearing with our friendly and affordable service.

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